Benefits an Apparel Manufacturer gains from GudAnuf's Manufacturing Manager. 


Manufacturing Manager enables an Apparel Manufacturer to track and manage the Operational Work Flow. By providing a central location for Sales and Manufacturing into an extensible application everyone is able to view information germane to their needs.  This enables managers and users of the system concise consistent real-time information to make informed decisions based on accurate current knowledge.

Key Business Objects, available as Enterprise Data Object Modules (EDOM), are be implemented as required without needing other departments to alter their workflow.  Once an EDOM is implemented more data becomes available as other areas come into the system.

The Base manufacturing manager system includes base implementations of the Customer, Style, Order, Salesforce and Invoice EDOM objects.  The base system allows connected users access to information. 

Depending on the configuration desired, once information has been entered into the system, pieces can be made available internally over an Intranet as well as externally of the internet and does not always require a fat client. Options to run from an Application Server, Browser and web services are available separately or can be combined.

Implementing the base Web Configuration can allow External sales people, as well as customers (if desired) to have access to real time order and sales information.

An enhanced web configuration allows user to sign up and get special information such as vendor being allowed to view prices and place orders.  The Store front configuration allows for selling to the general public and includes a catalog and shopping cart.  Different Payments configurations such as PayPal and custom Gateways can be added.

As the base features are consumed users and management may want more advanced features and functionality. To allow for Rapid Response to these needs additional modules, features and configurations are available.

Additional EDOMs Available Include:

  • Factoring
    • Invoice Assignments,
    • Automatic Credit requests
    • Updated Credit Status by Order
  • Customer Management
    • Open Orders
    • Order History
    • Buying History
    • Payment History
    • Style History
  • Style Management
    • Variants (Color, Size) Management
    • Open Orders
    • Production Status
    • Selling History
    • Top Sellers
    • Dye Status
  • Salesforce Management
    • Territory Management
    • Commission Statement
    • Commission Scale
  • Calendaring
    • Calendaring Appointment Scheduler
    • Department Appointments
    • Individual Appointments
    • Private and Public Appointments
  • Manufacturing
    • Production Management
    • Findings Control
    • Cutting Management
    • Sewing Management
    • Dyeing Management
  • There are over 150 reports to choose from.

All modules can be implemented separately from others - no need to purchase production features if only Salesforce methods required. This allows each system to be streamlined to the individual's current as well as future needs.

Manufacturing manager helps management perform the following duties:

  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of a manufacturing establishment or the operations or production department of a manufacturing establishment
  • Develop and implement plans to efficiently use materials, labor and equipment to meet production targets
  • Plan and manage the establishment of departmental budget
  • Develop production schedules and maintain an inventory of raw materials and finished products
  • Plan and implement changes to machinery and equipment, production systems and methods of work
  • Direct quality control inspection system and develop production reporting procedures